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Delish deep space
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Delish now listed on CoinMarketCap

A new blockchain economy for food sharing and distribution that leverages NFTs to tokenize businesses.

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Our Mission

Create a public blockchain for mass adoption and have it serve as the foundation for a sustainable and scalable ecosystem. Leverage this technology to develop a decentralized food sharing and distribution economy for business users of all sizes. Users will be incentivized to share homecooked meals, recipes, food experiences and entrepreneurship.


Delish Blockchain

A community driven ecosystem that will feature $DELISH, $CARBS, a native stable coin and smart contracts. Consensus to be accomplished by farmnodes.

Food Supply Chain

Farm-to-table livestock and fresh food traceability. Connecting farmers and food merchants to consumers.


To launch new cryptocurrency tokens and crowd fund dApp creation.

Business Launchpad

An educational platform for new entrepreneurs.

Digital Storefront

The future of food that brings communities together by connecting local-at-home chefs with foodies in their area.

$Delish 'Steak'

Easy to use staking service with high APY.


NFT art, franchising and tokenization of businesses.

Social Commerce

A social platform where everyone can earn income by generating user engagement or selling a service.




Total supply of Delish tokens.

3% Burn  

Will be burned on schedule
to reward diamond hands as the
project grows.


Price floor stabilization - total supply:

  • 0.1%+ (not allowed to sell)

  • 0.05%+ (allowed every 15 min.)

  • <0.05% (no limit)

1% Charity

1% of each transaction goes to charity without coin dumps - let’s end world hunger together.

2% Staking

2% of each transaction goes into
the staking pool.

4% Marketing

4% of each transaction goes towards developing and executing Delish marketing campaigns.

Day 1-15

Buy tax 0% (until April 20th), sell tax 20% (reduces to 10% over the period).

Token Distribution

12% - Locked until mainnet

24% - Private sale

21% - Presale

13% - Pancake Swap

10% - Marketing

10% - Dev team: 30 month vesting, 3.3% monthly*

10% - Advisors/Angel investors: 18 month vesting, 5.5% monthly


*Dev wallet will be used to airdrop token rewards for diamond hand holders. Dates to be announced.

Delish rocket ship


Q2 2022

Partnership announcements

Marketing campaign


Released on Pancake Swap

Listing on Coin Market Cap

$DELISH staking




Team Delish

Jeremiah Elie

Jeremiah Elie

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Elie

Shawn Elie

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-founder, Head of Infrastructure

Cailen McQuattie

Cailen McQuattie

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Developer, Blockchain Engineer

Piyush Gupt

Piyush Gupt

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Blockchain Developer

Ken Taharally

Ken Taharally

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Manager, Marketing & Creative


Ishan Gandhi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


David Elie

David Elie

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Vice President, Business Development

Anson Kendall

Anson Kendall

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


James Vernon

James Vernon

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Blockchain Analyst

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